The Wonderful World of Aureum with Bruce Leroys & Disco Selectors 55

Whilst Aureum is a relatively new name on the label scene, they are helmed by duo Bruce Leroy’s who are 10 years deep into the scene featuring Marcelo Abreu  and co head Diogo. Between them they have already released with Get Physical, Yoshitoshi  & OFF Rec and had support from Solomun, Sharam, Robosonic, Roland Leesker and recently by Vintage Culture & Mochakk. The experience that they have brought to the label shines through and the quality of releases which they have landed this year really speak for themselves. There have been tracks with Augusta Brana, Duasto Fawcett, Berardo Campos and the biggie, Brazilian Jazz Funk legends, Azymuth.

Indeed both label debut Tempo and Melo da Cuíca, their track with Azymuth, are as good as anything released in 2023.

With a delightful ear for both melody and dancefloor groove as well as a signature warmth, which reminds in places of the production quality of Miguel Migs, they have been a real breath of fresh air in 2023.

With a brand new track By Your Side just out, a celebration of Bruce Leroy’s 10 years in the game I thought it was high time to speak to Marcelo about Aureum and all things Bruce Leroy.

You can check By Your Side below and can grab it HERE.

Bruce Leroy’s also laid down a divine mix for us. Check it below and please give it a share over on Soundcloud and help spread the love x

Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for speaking to us today.

Please can you give us a little background on your own journey in music?

Diogo has been producing since he was 13 years old, and Marcelo(me) has been in the battle for about 20 years now. Our obsession with tones, (sub)bass, and the utopian search for perfect audio has immersed us in the entire creative and technical process of music. All masters, mixes, and music production itself are 100% produced in our studios. We are nerds and proud of it.

Please can you tell us a little about what it was that led to you setting up Aureum?

We strongly believe in our musical idea and our technical ability, and we decided that we wanted to have more releases with Brazilian partners, in Portuguese, to work on our own identity and contribute to the new dance music scene in Brazil in a completely independent way, but still very connected to the global reality.

How would you describe the musical style and ethos of Aureum?

The Aureum label is Bruce’s creative environment, an oasis for all those who want to make global dance music with a Brazilian accent, where there is a certain obsession with musical and sound quality within a very particular aesthetic universe. (Deep) House, yes, but we will never limit ourselves.

You are still relatively early in your label journey having released your own track Tempo which had a wicked remix by Art of Tones and now your collaboration with legendary Jazz Funk outfit Azymuth. Please can you tell us a little about the background of those two releases and why you chose them to spearhead the new label.

The original track “Tempo” that we created for Helóra was part of an exercise to reach the concept of the label. After completing the original, we wanted to see where one of our musical references would take this track. Having AoT as a remixer was a great honor, and we are grateful for their work. Azymuth is part of our journey in search of an aesthetic for a certain new Brazilian dance music. We went to the studio with Alex, Mamão, and Kiko in 2017, re-recorded the track “Melô da Cuica,” which was originally released in 1975, and this whole process of maturing this release is part of the investment in our technical and artistic development. The focus is always on the search for quality and the sonic signature of our project and our label.

What does a day in the life of Bruce Leroys look like at Aureum?

Every day, at around 8 AM, we greet each other with a “good morning.” Our label manager, Lee Martinez, sets the pace, and we gather in the studios as often as possible. We have Lucas handling our social media, and Jon from Unveil takes care of international PR. Beats ’n Lights is our go-to for Brazilian media, and Cartel is our design agency. And, of course, we have our friends, partners, and family involved in everything.

Every Sunday, we host our radio show on Mood FM in Rio de Janeiro, so our schedule is quite packed. We are currently searching for an international agency and management to represent us outside of Brazil, so feel free to reach out to us. 😉

Given you have and are still going through the process of establishing a new label what essential tip do you have for budding label owners out there?

We are still on our fifth release, but I think the only and best tip, which is certainly the most cliché in the world, but continues to be the most important, is: do what you truly believe in, don’t deviate even a millimeter. 😉

Which other labels gave you inspiration when you were setting up Aureum for how you wanted your label to sound and look.

So many, but OM, Aroma, Perlon, Pampa, Heist, Classic, Cabinet, Robsoul, Delusion of Grandeur/Freerange… not only about the music, but in many aspects

What can you tell us about the mix that you have done for Le Visiteur and what are some of the stand out tracks for you?

We love every single track on this mix, that said:

We have had the Inland Knights track on vinyl since its release(2004). If we were to sell it on Discogs, our record wouldn’t be worth 10 cents because we have played this record hundreds of times… haha

These are still unreleased tracks of ours, new bets for the label:Letícia Fialho, Bruce Leroys – Maravilha Marginal (Aureum Remix) and Augusta Barna, Bruce Leroys – Acaju (Aureum Alternative Mix)

Eric Kupper from ’98 is 25 years old and still ridiculously current.

Ryden sounds better than practically everything we have heard in terms of audio, and the music is brilliant, with the sound of the cuica…

Andre Torquato is one of the best Brazilian producers, period.

What are your plans for the label over the next 12 Months?

We will continue to release music monthly with Brazilian partners, bring in artists we love, experiment even more, and create our label party in 2024.

*We are also looking for partners to develop international label parties.

For more info on Bruce Leroys and Aureum please check:

Bruce Leroys Facebook
Bruce Leroys Soundcloud
Bruce Leroys Instagram
Bruce Leroys Twitter/X

LV Disco Selectors xx – Aureum mixed by Bruce Leroys – Tracklist

Max Sinal – Let You In ( feat. Hutch the Great & Melodi Marsh)
Andre Torquato – Traffic
Retromigration – Lapras
Azymuth, Bruce Leroys – Melô da Cuica(Aureum Remix)
Inland Knights – Mikes Garage Mix
Erik Kupper presents K-Scope – Latin Blues part 1(12” mix)
Dirtytwo – Rymden
Letícia Fialho, Bruce Leroys – Maravilha Marginal(Aureum Remix)
Augusta Barna, Bruce Leroys – Acaju (Aureum Alternative Mix)
Carter Bros – Full Disco Jacket
Bugsy – Love for You

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