Tommie releases R&B and hip-hop inspired new single ‘Innocence’ | New Music

Despite being a new act, Tommie has been refining his musical palette for years, meaning his music is a melting pot of different urban genres however his sound nods most to R&B and old school Hip-Hop. The Gloucester-born artist was raised on a healthy diet of 90’s urban music, which was listened to on an old Bluetooth MP3 player. His music showcases his inspirations, identity and represents him fully.

His latest offering “Innocence” has a vintage sounding backbone. Retro drums cut through the mix with a minimal but effective beat providing the perfect foundation. On top lies saxophones and synths, both of which ebb and flow between each other, creating a swirl of different melodies that melt together. Cutting through the mix at the top lies his vocal – raw, emotional and well-penned, creating the perfect partnership with his querying lyrics.

Speaking further about the track, he shares: “The problem with putting someone on a pedestal is that it’s not sustainable. Humans are flawed and need grace. This song comes from a place of self reflection, accountability and humility. We have a habit of projecting our own issues and insecurities onto others. How can we trust someone to not make mistakes if we know we are making them ourselves and will probably continue to. Knowing that my closet needs rearranging, how am I supposed to believe in yours?”

It’s not very often you hear a new artist’s material that possesses such musical quality, but Tommie has it in abundance. With this in mind and a strong aesthetic, we can’t wait to see where Tommie will take this. 

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