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Tori Spelling & Snooki Compare Purses In Premiere – Hollywood Life

Tori Spelling & Snooki Compare Purses In Premiere – Hollywood Life

Tori Spelling and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi bond over their messy purses in this Messyness season 2 premiere preview! As host of the show, Snooki kicks off a segment by asking Tori how “filthy” the inside of her purse is. Tori urges Snooki to take a guess, to which the Jersey Shore star responds, “I feel like since you’re crafty, it’s neat, but you’re also my messy bstie, so there could be, like, bubble gum stuck on the bottom.”

Tori cracks up over Snooki’s evaluation and lets her know that she’s spot on. “She’s not wrong and she’s not wrong!” Tori admits. “I always carry a glue gun at all times because I’m crafty. My purse is a f***ing disaster. Disgusting. Anything and everything at all times.”

tori spelling
Tori Spelling on ‘Messyness.’ (MTV)

Snooki takes out her own purse to show what she’s got going on inside her handbag. The bag is adorned with the word MESSYNESS written in diamond embellishments on one side. “I want to show you guys because I’m crafty as well and you know I love my wine,” Snooki explains. “I’m a mother of three and I’m a messy bestie, so this is what I do.” Snooki then goes onto demonstrate that she can pour wine right out of her purse, and she fills up Adam Rippon’s cup right onstage.

snooki adam rippon
Snooki shows off her wine purse on ‘Messyness.’ (MTV)

The panelists are blown away by Snooki’s revelation. “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,” Tori gushes. “That’s amazing.” From there, Snooki introduces the next category of “messy” videos, which features clips of people with their “power purses.”

Season two of Messyness premieres on Sept. 15 on MTV, and features the return of Snooki as host, as well as Tori, Adam and the late Teddy Ray as panelists. The show, which is a spin-off of Ridiculousness, has the panelists watching and reacting to the “most debaucherous clips found on the Internet” from the “messy stages of young adulthood.”


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