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Venus Dragon Releases New Song ‘You’ |

Venus Dragon Releases New Song ‘You’ |

Venus Dragon is an Australian artist making some waves at the moment, and not just at home. The artist takes inspiration from the search for truth, something most of us forget about in our day to day lives. Venus reminds us that truth is the most important thing – whatever it is that we’re doing.

You is her new release which takes influence from big artists such as Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Ray and more. And while Venus’ music sounds like it’s from the pop world, there are a variety of more interesting aspects to it as well, as she juxtaposes introspective lyricism upon a musical bedding that one could listen to in a gym, or on a run. It’s music for everyone in that sense.

The artists’ Spotify numbers continue to grow as she expands her musical pallet and develops her brand. Other songs such as ‘Heya Honey’ have garnered an array of playlists, further crediting Venus’ talent for songwriting. ‘You’ is out now and is available to stream on your service of choice. Go and check it out!

Venus Dragon says on the track:

“You is written of the longing to spend eternity with the ones who love you




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