Vic Da Looper brings his unique indie sound to the fore in ‘Bluff’ | New Music

It’s always special to hear an artist creating and releasing differently. Vic Da Looper is an artist who has been on the circuit for a while, and through his experimentation and development of his craft, has made a real sound for himself that is his and his alone. The clue is kind of in the name, as he loops all of his guitar effects and some of his vocals to soak you in an alt indie rock atmosphere like no other.

His latest project ‘Amor Delusion Institution’ features the brilliant lead single ‘Bluff’ which is the perfect introduction to Vic’s aura. Indie shoegaze and dream pop combine, with a bit of a nostalgic Puddle of Mudd feeling in the guitar loops, making for a captivating listen that will keep you intrigued from the off. Check out ‘Bluff’ now.

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