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The Jersey Shore roommates are pushing for a Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick hookup now that Angelina is going through a divorce on this season of the show. Well, in a preview for the Sept. 1 episode, the two look like they’re well on their way! During a group lunch, the conversation turns to what Angelina must be like in bed, and Vinny can’t help but get intrigued.

“Why do you think all these people are contacting Mike [The Situation] [about me]?” Angelina brags. “Because my P is so good!” Vinny admits, “Maybe I do have to try that,” which gets all of the roommates and their significant others hyped up. “When she was in Spain [for All Star Shore] all the guys in the house wanted Angelina over the other girls,” Deena Cortese points out. “They were all fighting over Angelina over there.”

In a confessional, Mike opens up about the possibility of Vinny and Angelina taking things to the next level. “I initially thought nothing would ever happen between Angelina and Vinny, but I’m starting to see a little bit of sexual tension,” he admits. “I’m thinking to my self…Vingelina…it’s happening.”

angelina pivarnick
Angelina and Vinny on the Sept. 1 episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’ (MTV)

However, Vinny insists that the “sexual tension” is just another word to say “hate” because that’s how he really feels about Angelina. Still, he brings the flirty behavior while at the group lunch. “If your mouth game is good, I might have to try it,” Vinny jokes.

Mike also jokes that Angelina’s “WAP” has caused a lot of drama in the house because the group didn’t realize why so many men were flocking to Angelina. “We would’ve saved a lot of drama and messiness if you just told us, ‘I got the WAP,’” he says. “We would’ve been like…alright.”

Angelina continues to brag about her “WAP” and her skills in bed, and the conversation turns much raunchier from there. “We’re at a winery!” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi screams after Vinny makes a dirty joke. “The fact of the matter is, Vinny, you’re obsessed with my WAP,” Angelina concludes. “My f***ing va**** is amazing. It’s beautiful outside to the inside.”

Jersey Shore airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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