Welsh art rocker Gated Estates shows us the progression on the memorable A Letter | New Music

Illuminating notions and showing us a conceptual style that guides himself back to conventional songwriting and production, Gated Estates shall intrigue us all on the keenly awaited new single A Letter.

Gated Estates is a Brecon Beacons, Wales-based indie art rock solo singer-songwriter who returns from a spell in the underground experimental/improv scene.

A Letter explores the relationship we create between our younger innocent self and the future personality we develop through our unfolding experience of the world. Musically, I was inspired by the landscape where I live, the Brecon Beacons in Mid Wales, and have tried to convey the open and expansive nature of the scenery. The driving beat and rhythm portray the flow of life and our real-time experience of the world as we travel through it.” ~ Gated Estates

With a wild start which might rip through a few tender eardrums, Gated Estates shows such calming grace and intricate brilliance which shall heal many wounds. Soaked in wonderful ambience and so much to be intrigued inside, we find a song worthy of our awaiting playlists.

A Letter from Brecon Beacons, Wales-based indie art rock solo singer-songwriter Gated Estates is such a fine effort from a truly extraordinary artist. He seems to possess that rare power to catch our attention beyond previous comprehension, as this is something rather authentically special.

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