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Zach James Douglas reveals anticipated EP ‘4×2’ | New Music

Zach James Douglas reveals anticipated EP ‘4×2’ | New Music

An exploration of the unique challenges faced while trying to forge meaningful connections in the pandemic, Dublin producer Zach James Douglas comes into his own with his brand new EP ‘4×2’. Weaving through a multitude of genres, eclectic textures and melodies glisten through every track, with nods to electronica, indie, pop and more. Zach’s signature production is stamped onto each song, bold and bright, heartfelt and personal.

Speaking on the new EP, Zach James Douglas shares:

“”4×2” is unlike anything I’ve ever written before. I’m usually quite an autobiographical writer. I write as a form of catharsis, as a way to unpack my own anxieties and insecurities, but with this EP, given that we were collectively living in a unique moment in time, within this

one shared experience, where every person was dealing with the same fears, the same constant uncertainty and carried a similar uneasy sense of hope that things were eventually going to get better, I felt I had to step outside of my own little bubble and try to write about something a little more universal. As we were gradually reintroduced back into the real world, I began speaking to my friends and family and slowly started to notice that over time, the same common themes were consistently arising and although each individual experience was unique, they often shared similar feelings of doubt, shame, anger and helplessness. It became evident that within this same communal experience, there were even smaller subsets that shared an odd type of kinship when it came to navigating relationships, both new and old, through such unprecedented times, which was comforting in a strange sort of way.”

The rising artist is no stranger to collaborations to perfectly capture his sound, and the EP is a perfect example. A songwriter at heart, Zach is able to portray emotion with authenticity on ‘4×2’, paving the way for him to rise even further.


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