11 Tracks that inspire Mike Nasty

New York’s Mike Nasty has just released a brilliant new album Black Planet on his own Nasty Tracks label. The album fuses Deep House, Jazz with more than a hint of innate soul and it has had some serious press acclaim. Already a lauded DJ and producer in his home town his stock is most certainly now on the rise across the wider scene. We premiered his track Mind Made Up a few days back which you can check below and you can check the full album Mike Nasty Black Planet via his Bandcamp.

We asked him to dig deep into his record collection to give us some of the tracks which have inspired him and have made an impact on his musical journey and directly or indirectly on Black Planet.

He has pulled some brilliant tracks out for us including gems from Bootsy Collins, George Clinton & Ice Cube, Michael Jackson, Cevin Fisher, Caos in the CBD, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington & John Coltrane and many more.

Check it out his picks below and make sure you give Mike’s album a spin!

11 Tracks that inspire Mike Nasty

1. Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You

This Bootsy record has one of the most iconic basslines in funk music history. It’s been a classic in my library since my early childhood days. A lot of Bootsy’s musicianship and charisma has inspired my approach to music, especially on this album.

2. George Clinton, Ice Cube – Bop Gun (One Nation)

Bop Gun is a great example of the synergy between Funk and Hip Hop music. George Clinton’s influential artwork and music through Parliament-Funkadelic has a heavy influence on my artistic style and sound. His use of Afrofuturism has helped me create a lot of themes around my music.

3. One Way – Cutie Pie

Memorable bass lines have always drawn me towards certain records. This classic record exemplifies the ultimate relationship between R&B and Funk. A sultry voice paired with an excellent horn section. You can see where songs like “Gimme the Rhythm” pull inspiration from.

4. Michael Jackson – Can’t Help It

A mesmerizing R&B cut from the King of Pop himself. The Rhodes piano in this song is everything. This is one of the records that made me fall in love with the Rhodes instrument. I use it a lot in my music and on the album.

5. Cevin Fisher – Do You Wanna Fly

Do You Wanna Fly is one of my favorite house music classics. The grand piano, percussion selection and synth lead is mind blowing. This track sets the tone for a lot of deeper records in my opinion. The use of the grand piano with simple sustained chords is a go to for my own production.

6. Chaos in the CBD – Global Erosion

Satin Starlight is very much influenced by this Chaos cut. Their use of the trumpet solo throughout the record was amazing. The space and atmosphere they added into the mix with reverb sounds so lush to me.

7. Miles Davis – Blue in Green

This may be a top 3 jazz cut for me. Blue in Green is my foundation of jazz. It showed me what emotion feels like in timeless music.

8. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood

This record represents the chemistry between the piano and saxophone. They compliment each other extremely well within this piece of music. I tend to enjoy pairing these instruments together.

9. Zhane – Last Dance

Last Dance is a sultry R&B track with amazing harmony and groove. I’m in love with the moody keys in the song. The dark jazz tones are everything. This song inspires me to make “feel good” music.

10. Yussef Dayes – Love is the Message

Yussef is one of my favorite drummers out, and his music speaks volumes to me. I love the constant flow of energy and emotion in Love is the Message. The song is storytelling at its finest.

11. The New Life Community Choir (feat. John P. Kee) – Show Up!

Show Up is a key gospel record from my childhood. My mother used to sing this record and play it in the car on the way to church on Sundays. The musicianship in the song inspires certain elements of my music like what you hear in the outro of “Cosmic Funk.”

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