Home Entertainment News Crypto.com Sues Woman After $7.1 Million Refund Mistake Instead Of $68

Crypto.com Sues Woman After $7.1 Million Refund Mistake Instead Of $68

Crypto.com Sues Woman After $7.1 Million Refund Mistake Instead Of $68

A cryptocurrency trading platform went after an Australian customer after the platform jacked up a refund. It took Crypto.com seven months to notice their error. By then, Thevamanogari Manivel had spent a chunk of the money on a home–and shared some of the generosity with her sister Thilagavathy Gangadory. According to CNBC, court documents say Crypto.com went after the sisters and other defendants to retrieve the AU$10,474,143 million they sent in place of AU$100. In today’s exchange rate, CNBC reports that amount at $7.1 million instead of $68.

Crypto.com also sued the women for a 10 percent interest and legal fees on top of repayment of the millions. Per court docs, an employee mistakenly entered the incorrect amount in May 2021. However, Crypto.com didn’t notice the missing millions until December 2021 during a “routine audit.”

According to reports, Thevamanogari didn’t waste much time spending her blessing. About AU$1.35 million was used to purchase some property. Reports say the property is a five-bedroom, luxury home. Per CNBC, cryptocurrency transactions aren’t typically reversible, but the company convinced law enforcement to freeze Thevamanogari’s accounts in February of this year. However, the former customer had already transferred some money to her sister.

Crypto.com won the lawsuit by default judgment. A judge reportedly ordered Thevamanogari to repay the AU$1.35 million by selling the home. The remaining money will be returned to Crypto.com. The judge also ordered Thevamanogari to pay additional costs, including $27,369.64 in interest.

Everyone is reportedly due back in court in October for the next steps. The company gave CNBC no comment on the situation.


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