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The depths of winter as hopefully behind us as we chalk what has been a miserable January off the calendar and it’s time to start thinking about hitting those night clubs again for a spot of dancing

Keeping us fully lubricated on the disco front Midnight Riot have hit top gear already with some wicked releases over the last few weeks including tracks from C Da Afro, Platinum City, Love is a bassline and Da Lukas with something a little special from Luke Delite on promo right now. More on that below. Check them out on Traxsource HERE.

If you haven’t already got your tickets for what is a going to be a very hot Midnight Riot gig on the 1st March at the brilliant Hoochie Coochie, make sure you grab them sharpish. Click on the flyer above for full info

Just before the turn of the year I put together a best of Disco Juice mix which was broadcast on Midnight Riot Radio via Brookyln’s Face Radio. If you are looking for a little flavour of the Disco Juice column make sure you give it a listen. It features tracks from Jamiroquai, Dave Lee, Crackazat, Horse Meat Disco, Art of Tones, Dimitri From Paris, Moplen and many more.

Love this vibe? Check out all the back editions of Disco Juice HERE

Now it’s time invite Midnight Riot don and Le Visiteur disco Editor Yam Who? to deliver the 9 hottest disco releases that will be heating up February 2024 for us x

Disco Juice 9 Essential tunes of the month
Luke Delite feat Kiro French Kiss

Luke Delite feat Kiro – French Kiss

[Midnight Riot]

The Liquid Love and What’s The T? 7” single, now available on vinyl for the first time, is a must-have for Roy Ayers fans and serious music collectors. Released in 2023, coinciding with Roy’s final live tour, this vinyl is a fitting tribute to the influential vibesman.

Liquid Love, from the 2015 BBE compilation Virgin Ubiquity II, showcases Roy’s virtuosity with a mid-tempo track featuring captivating female vocals.

What’s The T? is an uptempo dance floor funk from the 2004 Virgin Ubiquity series, highlighting Roy’s arrangements and musicianship.

Celebrate Roy Ayers’ remarkable career with this historical release on BBE Music’s ALIM imprint. Don’t miss out on these two iconic tracks capturing Roy at his best as a musician, arranger, and artist.

Grab it HERE

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Gratts Rhythm Of Love Faze Action

Gratts – Rhythm Of Love (Faze Action Remix)

[Be Strong Be Free]

Following a short break and after his chart topping releases and global support from the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Dave Lee ZR, The Reflex, Young Pulse, Jamie 3.26 and many more, Platinum City (aka Phil Rose, Jaegerossa, and one half of Love Doves) returns with the amazing Sophie Paul from Girls of the Internet.

‘Moving In The Right Direction’ is funk and disco lederhosen vocal monster with a hook you simply will not forget! Sophie Paul’s delivery is simply sublime and will have you singing in the right direction immediately!

Grab it HERE

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Bustin Loose Marlena

Bustin Loose – Marlena

[Disco Express]

The Berlin-based duo Lovebirds makes a triumphant return to Glitterbox with their inaugural original track on the label, titled ‘Burn It Down.’

Widely celebrated for their vibrant, retro-infused sound, drawing inspiration from the funk, soul, jazz, and boogie vibes of the 70s and 80s, Lovebirds has left an indelible mark with enduring hits such as ‘Want You In My Soul.’

Their latest release, ‘Burn It Down,’ solidifies their distinctive aesthetic, featuring soulful vocals and includes the uplifting and radiant Club Mix, as well as the more experimental Dub Mix.

The latter takes listeners on a sonic journey from deep boogie to 90s filter house, providing a captivating snapshot that spans disco’s past, present, and future.

Grab it HERE

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Raw Silk Do It To The Music Michael Gray

Raw Silk – Do It To The Music’ (Michael Gray mixes)

[Fools Paradise]

Freestyle Records has just unleashed a highly anticipated and fully licensed 12″ reproduction from the year 1984.

This exceptional release showcases Midnight Energy’s timeless tracks, “Front Line” and “Saving All My Love,” originally presented on Wal-Brooks Records.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of New Jersey, these two sides of the vinyl offer an electrifying blend of killer electro-boogiefunk. The mastermind behind this sonic experience is none other than Tony McLachlan, renowned for his work with the Fresh Band, notably their hit “Come Back Lover.” Immerse yourself in the sonic wonders of this archival gem and rediscover the magic that defined an era!

Grab it HERE

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Tom Trago Pearls for Pleasure

Tom Trago – Pearls for Pleasure


Dutch artist Tom Trago unveils his ‘Pearls for Pleasure’ series, delving into a decade’s worth of unreleased “secret weapons” that have rocked dancefloors. Despite being unheard, the music, reminiscent of Trago’s evolving career since his 2006 debut, resonates with his signature blend of disco, house, and vibrant synths. The first volume, released on Trago’s TT imprint, kicks off with the sparkling ‘Hotballs FM,’ showcasing silky disco strings and a swing-soaked rhythm. ‘All Right’ teases with tight disco loops, while ‘Take a Chance’ pays homage to electrofunk and boogie. The series promises a potent collection of summer anthems.

Grab it HERE

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Various Klinkhamer Records Vol. 2 Compiled by Michel Veenstra

Various – Klinkhamer Records Vol. 2 Compiled by Michel Veenstra


BBE Music is set to release Klinkhamer Volume 2, the highly anticipated follow-up curated by Michel Veenstra, owner of Klinkhamer Record shop. The compilation, spanning the 70s and 80s, offers an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, and funk in English, Swedish, and French. Michel, with his extensive experience as a record shop owner, creates a seamless journey on this double vinyl release. Featuring tracks remastered from original vinyl, Klinkhamer Volume 2 is a must-have for music collectors, vinyl enthusiasts, and lovers of thoughtfully curated tunes for the mind, heart, and feet.

Grab it HERE

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Mato Feat. Lady Gatica You Cant Turn Me Away

Mato Feat. Lady Gatica – You Can’t Turn Me Away

[Stix Records]

Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, introduces the 3rd release from its Mellow Reggae Series project. Mato, known for reimagining classics, collaborates with Lady Gatica for a reggae rendition of Sylvia Striplin’s hit “You Can’t Turn Me Away.” Mato’s production, influenced by Roy Ayers’ early 80s sound, captures the essence of Kingston. Lady Gatica’s soulful vocals add a perfect touch. With a reggae production career since 2006, Mato’s collaboration with Stix Records continues to yield masterpieces, showcasing his talent for transforming classics into roots reggae-dub versions.

Grab it HERE

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Max Essa Eddie C We Live In The Hills EP

Max Essa, Eddie C – We Live In The Hills EP

[Razor N Tape]

Max Essa and Eddie C, longtime friends and musical collaborators, debut on RNT with the ‘We Live In The Hills EP.’ Born as a lockdown project, this 4-track offering delves into meticulously crafted, melancholic disco. From the shimmering guitars and acid lines in ‘Melon Steppin’ to the rolling bass and whimsical synths in ‘Save Me,’ the EP navigates a diverse sonic landscape. The title track brings deep funk, while ‘Sixth Bridge’ offers late-night driving soundtrack vibes. This EP narrates a hopeful tale of emerging from isolation and uncertainty, resembling a musical sunrise after a long, dark night.

Grab it HERE

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Opolopo Beats n Pieces EP

Opolopo – Beats n Pieces EP

[Z Records]

Opolopo returns to ZR with a sensational 4-track EP. The opening track, ‘Bebeccie’s Theme,’ showcases Peter’s muso boogie expertise with discreet chords, sophisticated string turnarounds, and deft synth touches. Dutch funkateers Fouk deliver an exclusive remix of ‘Stroke my Disco,’ emphasizing piano and clav workouts for peak-time dancefloors. ‘Looking For You’ brings gospel vibes with freestyle hi-hats, wah guitar-led mod-jazz loops, and a captivating vocal refrain from Darien, leading to a sizzling organ solo by Matt Cooper. The EP concludes with ‘Chocolate Spiders,’ featuring gliding clav licks, spiky piano and synth riffs, and soaring string sections—a vintage Opolopo masterpiece.

Grab it HERE

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Disco Juice Essential White 2
Andy Yam Who

Yam Who?

Yam Who is a DJ, producer, label boss at Midnight Riot and ISM Records and one half of Glitterbox signed Qwestlife.

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