Dreezy Talks Jacquees Break Up & The ‘Queen Of Rap’

Can Grammy-nominated Chi-Town rapper Dreezy shop for a head-to-toe outfit with a $100 budget? She sure took a stab at it while answering some spicy tea questions.

What’s the worst gift Dreezy’s ever received? And why did she and Jacquees break up? ?She answers all of this and more on our latest episode of “Keep It 100.”

Dreezy Says Lauryn Hill & Lil Kim Are The Queens Of Rap

While shopping for the perfect summer night outfit, Dreezy revealed to “Keep It 100%” host Buzy Baker who she felt the Queen of rap is. And she had two choices, period!

“I would have to [say]—and it’s just my personal favorites, from what I did my research on—Lil Kim & Lauryn Hill.”

I don’t feel like, now, you can’t do it without having a gimmick. Without having a BBL. Without having wigs and stuff. She just came as who she was. And on top of that…the singing was just as good as the rapping.


Dreezy Talks Jacquees Break Up

If you recall, Dreezy and self-proclaimed r&b king Jacquees were in a relationship for several years before calling it quits in 2020. Dreezy revealed why she chose to end that relationship to focus on herself.

I just think right now, where I’m at…I’m still figuring myself out. When I get into relationships, I put myself to the side. It’s a lot of pressure and a big responsibility to be there for somebody 100%.

For more from Dreezy on “Keep It 100%”, tune in HERE.

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