Kimber releases vibrant new single ‘House In The Sky’ and announce debut EP ‘Slow Moon, Long Night’ | New Music

Kimber are a unique melting pot of different genres, inspirations and identities. Mikey Wilson and Josh Heffernan make up the duo, and their music is representative of their northern, working-class roots mixed with their way of making music : DIY, self-engineered, self-produced and self-mixed. Their latest single ‘House In The Sky’ showcases their artistry in it’s full form. 

‘House In The Sky’ is filled with colour. Synths spread warmth throughout the track and dance well on top of the drum machine they used. The vocals are signature, distinctive and Kimber wouldn’t be the same without them. Taking centre stage when needing to, but also fluctuating into the synth-driven background. The output is heavily textured with hints of Mount Kimbie in the woozy production, Beach House in the melancholic melodies and New Order with the dynamic basslines.

Speaking on the track, Kimber says: “House In The Sky is about our relationship with toxic nostalgia. We carry the good memories with us and often bend them into even greater memories, leaving us wishful for the past. But as you grow older, I think you realise that it won’t be long before what you do now will also soon be craved, so you might as well try and enjoy what’s going on around you and spend less time wishing for your early 20’s”.

This new single was the first written from their debut EP ‘Slow Moon, Long Night’ and showcases their ability to draw outsiders into their world, while keeping the delivery opaque. ‘Slow Moon, Long Night’ is the debut EP to be released on vinyl (via Safe Suburban Home Records) -18/11/22 – with pre orders available now. 

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