LV Premier – Suki Soul X Leroy – Right Back At Ya (Extended Mix) [Bombstrikes]

2023 was very much a year that vocalists/ songwriters started to cement their names at the forefront of releases rather than being stuck in the background behind the producer. One of the key artists who is at the forefront of this positive change is Suki Soul. She is a producer, vocalist, DJ and stellar writer who in 2023 was behind a stream of brilliant releases with Dr Packer, Birdee, Yam Who? & Da Lukas.

Suki’s latest track sees’ her team up with long-time partner Leroy and between them they have delivered a production masterclass. Bringing in a roster of incredible musicians including drum virtuoso Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai) and percussion maestro Russ Tarley (Incognito) ‘Right Back At ya’ is a delicious blend of high energy funk-fuelled 70’s disco with just a touch of 80’s boogie alongside a mountain of 2024 production nous.

This is a song which will set dancefloors alight across the globe and still has more than enough left over for repeat home listens, such is the quality of the writing and production.

Expect to hear this one everywhere!

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