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Madisen Beith and her estranged boyfriend, Christian, went on a road trip to Arkansas during the August 23 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. While doing so, they stopped in Tennessee to visit Rachel Beavers, who is celebrating her daughter, Hazelee’s, 3rd birthday. Unfortunately for Madisen, things got heated when Rachel asked her for advice and didn’t like what she had to say.

Rachel had told Madisen that she was wanting to cut her mom out of her life, but she postponed that plan once she learned that her mom would be throwing Hazelee a birthday party. So once the party was over, Rachel wanted to move forward with her plan again, but Madisen said that didn’t seem fair to her mom, and it’d come across as Rachel using her mom for a party. Rachel disagreed and started yelling at Madisen. Then, Rachel, who was previously seen yelling at both boyfriend Noah and her mom at the party, blamed Madisen for causing drama around her daughter, so she grabbed Hazelee and stormed off.

Meanwhile, Brianna Jaramillo worried about sending son Braeson to kindergarten, since the district she lives in has banned any LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter representation. Brianna worried about it so much that she called her ex, Dan, to see what he had to say about it all since he’s a member of both communities. In the end, Brianna and her mom decided to stay put, let Braeson enroll in kindergarten and deal with any potential bullies if and when they come into Breason’s life.

Later, Kayla Sessler decided that she and Luke Davis should live separately so they can both work on their mental health in an attempt to keep their relationship alive. But when she noticed Luke wasn’t really doing much to better himself, she started worrying about their future. She told Luke he was acting “lazy” and it could be a symptom of depression, so she urged him to seek help from a therapist. But he said he didn’t want to and that should be up to him. She admitted that she’s been asking him to talk to a therapist for months now, and nothing has changed. Clearly, it doesn’t seem like Luke is going to change all that much while they’re apart, so Kayla is soon going to have to make a difficult decision about their romance.

Finally, Kiaya Elliott learned ex X’Zayveon will be getting out of prison in 30 days.

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