The digital monument to the King of Pop | Technology is the digital monument to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s music career is unique. No doubt about it, he is the one and only King of Pop. However, his success story consists of more than just countless album sales and booked out tours. His creativity and his ability to move people are what set him apart. – a unique platform for Michael Jackson fans

A digital Michael Jackson memorial has been created on Through this platform, fans will be able to obtain in-depth material on the real story of Michael Jackson over the next two years. The stories are presented in an innovative way and contain previously unpublished material.

Learn all about the life of the greatest artist and his spiritual journey. Discover new information about him as a businessman and as a person, as well as getting an insight into Michael Jackson’s unpublished poems and artwork.

Fans can access their idol’s digital memorial via smartphone and desktop. On the platform, his life is clearly divided into different categories. The content takes Michael Jackson fans into his world as a painter, poet, musician, and businessman.

With, a team of musicologists enables fans to celebrate and honour their star beyond death. French artist Patrice Murciano is responsible for the pictorial design. His German video production team consists of almost 30 people. The 3D artists involved have already worked on Marvel and Disney productions. Together with international web and app developers, the team transforms fact-based content into clean innovative content.

The MyIdol Foundation is a Swiss foundation for education and inspiration which was founded in 2022. The foundation believes education is an opportunity that should be granted to every child. Its goal is to make education accessible to children all over the world, enabling them to realise and fulfill their potential. Users can get the premium version for as little as $20. All proceeds are passed on directly to the MyIdol Foundation. The selfless spirit of Michael Jackson thus lives on. Besides the exciting and informative content, this foundation is already a reason to support the project.

There is no Michael Jackson documentary containing more in-depth content

There are several videos about Michael Jackson’s life, but none of them are as detailed and full of unreleased footage as this documentary. “The Story” uncovers the secrets of the legendary Michael Jackson and shows who the star, artist and family man really was. In terms of both content and visuals, it cannot be compared to any other documentary.

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest artists and a loving family man. shows the most important background information about his life and who he really was.

His spiritual journey – fascinating and moving

Personal and previously unreleased footage of Michael Jackson shows the Spiritual Journey of the King of Pop. Travel back in time and experience his emotional story up close. The category consists of detailed and exciting background information on his endless creativity and the most relevant moments in his life.

Michael Jackson universe – surprisingly new

Learn all about his incredible life as a businessman. Follow his journey from being a young boy to one of the most important businessmen to date. explores his extraordinary skills and how he used them in business decisions. Learn how he made humanitarian projects flourish and changed the lives of countless people on this planet for the better. 

Facts and figures about his music

In terms of music, Michael Jackson broke all kinds of records, which is why his greatest hits are well-known worldwide. It is hard to imagine a world without his music. Even the biggest fan will find new facts and analyses on the app.

Poetry – he found the words to move people worldwide

Michael Jackson reached fans all over the world with his poetry and managed to provide new perspectives to readers. On you will find Michael Jackson’s most beautiful poems, which will warm your heart and help you find new strength even in the gloomiest times.

Family and friends – the people who really influenced him

It is no secret that his family and friends describe him as a sincere and empathetic person, but that is just a small glimpse into who he really was. Through, you can discover in-depth information about his private life and the values that drove him. Get to know the most important people in Michael Jackson’s life and let us show you how his closest associates perceived him and his life.

Fan Artwork – his legacy continues through fan art

Michael Jackson had many talents. Probably one of the most moving was to create something new with his music that stood out from everything else. This was also true for his paintings. In addition, his proximity to his fans distinguished him above all. True to his style, also wants to be close to his fans. This is why fans can submit their own art work in the Fan Artwork section and thus continue their idols legacy in a digital memorial, even after his death.


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