Home Entertainment News Scott Disick Doesn’t Understand Penelope’s Math Homework: Video

Scott Disick Doesn’t Understand Penelope’s Math Homework: Video

Scott Disick Doesn’t Understand Penelope’s Math Homework: Video
Scott Disick Miserably Fails to Help Daughter Penelope Complete Her Math Homework in Relatable Video

Scott Disick with daughter Penelope.
Courtesy of Scott Disick/Instagram

“New math” is tricky! Scott Disick is just like Us — miserably failing to explain complex mathematics assignments to his kids.

“In math class when I don’t know what’s going on and I come home and my dad knows less than what’s going on,” Penelope captioned a Friday, September 2, TikTok video with the Flip It Like Disick alum, 39.

In the social media footage, the 10-year-old — who Disick shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian along with sons Mason, 12, and Reign, 7 — and her dad teamed up while in the kitchen to lip-sync a viral audio clip that says, “I don’t what’s going on, and I simply don’t want to know.”


And I have no idea what’s going on in math class and I come home and my dad knows less

♬ original sound – emily june

Penelope wore a peach-colored Care Bears shirt while holding a No. 2 pencil in one hand and pad of paper the other. Disick, for his part, went with a pink hoodie while attempting to work out one of her assignments using a pencil of his own.

While the elementary schooler — who shares her TikTok account with the 43-year-old Poosh founder — didn’t further elaborate on the arithmetic lesson that was difficult to comprehend, she is likely referring to a unit in Common Core math — a.k.a. “new math.” Starting in 2010, academic boards re-standardized how to teach children math in order to facilitate conceptual understanding for future real-world applications.

While the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum — who recently started dating Kimberly Stewart — may not be a math pro, he is a devoted dad.

“All Scott talks about is his kids. … He’s always bringing them up in conversation when he’s not physically with them,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in December 2021. “He’s definitely a very good father and cares and loves them so much. … He wants to be a good role model to them.”

Disick previously dated Kardashian on and off between 2006 and 2015, and they have since been focused on coparenting their three children.

“The truth is, my problems shouldn’t affect the kids,” the New York native previously told Us in June 2019. “Just because their mother and I couldn’t make it as a perfect, romantic couple shouldn’t have anything to do with the kids. They don’t deserve our mistakes, so we figured out a way. We still need to be as honest and as good to each other as if we were together. Let’s raise these children together and that’s it.”

He continued: “We live a few miles apart and it’s simple. … The fact that we’ve tried and made it work makes life that much better. I couldn’t imagine raising three children with somebody I couldn’t speak to every day.”

While Disick has moved on with Stewart, 43, Kardashian married Travis Barker in May.


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