Starbucks Responds After DaniLeigh Blasts Them Over A Moldy Danish

DaniLeigh was not happy with a recent trip to Starbucks after discovering the coffee shop sold her a spoiled danish. The singer took to Twitter with her complaints and a photo to back up her claims.

“So do I sue Starbucks for giving me a mf rotten a** cheese danish,” DaniLeigh tweeted on Friday. “Having me step out my car throwing up I’m scared.”

As the tweet gained some engagement, DaniLeigh asked fans in another tweet if they’d like to see a photo. A little over 20 minutes later, she tweeted a picture of the moldy cheese danish. The pastry featured a large dark and light green mold spot on its upside.

From the picture, it looks like DaniLeigh bit into the danish a few times before realizing something was off.

“Idk if I’ll ever get something for u guys again but honestly I deserve free @starbucks for the rest of my life…I threw up taking this pic.”

DaniLeigh confirmed she bit into the danish, even munching off some of the moldy parts, in a tweet.

Someone on Twitter (@Aguero623) replied to her tweeted picture saying, “so it took ar minimum 3 bites to realize the mold in it?” 

DaniLeigh clapped back, “B***h I was not looking at it.” 

Starbucks Responds To DaniLeigh’s Tweets 

The attached receipt shows the store number as 27563, which Starbucks’ customer service confirmed to The Shade Room is likely located inside a Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. However, the company’s general care Twitter account responded to the moldy photo.

“Hello DaniLeigh thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. Please DM us with the provided link, I’d like to get additional information regarding your experience. -Veronica,” the account wrote.

It’s unclear whether DaniLeigh reached out to the company as the tweet requested. However, she acknowledged their message with a retweet.

How would you react to biting into a moldy pastry?

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