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Tyrone Attends Sheree Whitfield’s Fashion Show – Recap – Hollywood Life

Tyrone Attends Sheree Whitfield’s Fashion Show – Recap – Hollywood Life

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The Season 14 finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was all about Sheree Whitfield‘s fashion show. Heading into the evening, viewers (including me) were wondering — would her fashion show have fashions or would it be a failure just like the first one was 14 years prior? Fortunately for Sheree, this one proved to be a success, but it didn’t come without some setbacks.

Initially, Sheree wanted to show over 20 pieces during her fashion show, but she was told she’d only get five. And the woman that helped her plan the show said she needed to have the show run for at least 15 minutes for it to even be considered a fashion show, so with just five pieces available to them, they knew it’d be difficult. However, things ended up working in Sheree’s favor, and she was able to show well over 20 pieces during the event. Somehow, thanks to a miracle, Sheree got all her fashions, and everyone was floored by what they saw on the runway.

Dwight Eubanks even attended the show, and he was thrilled for Sheree. Especially because he was one person who really gave her a hard time after her first show failed 14 years ago, so he was happy to see her finally succeed. And Sheree was happy to have him in the audience. But one person who she wasn’t thrilled to see was her ex, Tyrone, who showed up unannounced.

He first showed up the day before when she was busy putting finishing touches on the show. And while she initially had mixed feelings about his presence, she quickly became annoyed by him when he refused to apologize to her for standing her up in Philadelphia. He actually wanted her to apologize to him for not telling him that she planned on filming their restaurant date. He said he never got that approved by his parole officer, so she could have gotten him into some legal trouble. But she didn’t care — she just wanted an apology from her, and when he refused to give it, she told him to leave.

The next day, during the show, he brought her flowers and gave her a kiss. He then met the other ladies, and while it seemed like he was finally ready to apologize to Sheree, she shooed him away after her fashion show concluded. So at this time, it doesn’t look like Sheree and Tyrone will have their happy ending. But as we said, Sheree’s fashion show was a massive success so she has a lot to be thrilled about. She’s also dating someone new!

In other RHOA news, Marlo Hampton attempted to repair her damaged relationship with her mom, while Sanya Richards-Ross made the decision to remove her IUD and try to get pregnant. She was hesitant about having another baby earlier in the season, but she warmed up to the idea after her husband said he didn’t want another baby unless she wanted one, too. And she thought that was so “sexy”.

Want more? The RHOA Season 14 reunion premieres on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 8pm on Bravo.


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