Vince Spano knows that their powers together will always result in a rip-roaring Relapse | New Music

Vince Spano is an Austin, Texas-based indie post-grunge alt-rock singer-songwriter who was inspired by a Guns N’ Roses CD when just 5 years old thanks to his father.

With his gritty attitude, slappin’ bass grooves and a boot kicker mentality, this is a statement single all about being with someone who you have so much fun with. Despite the naughty stories and wild nights of headache-packed punches of partying, showing us that sometimes we just can’t resist. No matter if it’s not good for us.

After his terrific debut EP, Letters from The Space Man, giving listeners a real swirl of a delightfully linked mood-booster, Vince Spano is on absolute fire with a dominant song to lift your pulse up to high and remind you of having too many insane nights, way too often.

Relapse from  Austin, Texas-based indie post-grunge alt-rock singer-songwriter Vince Spano is a rather splendid track from an artist who has lived this precise moment. Packed with a soundscape that will have you gazing far inside your soul, we are presented with a track with much helpful honesty to those who need it right now. In a world full of lies, it’s hard to know what or who to trust.

Sometimes you just can’t say no.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

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