Home Entertainment News Who Is Aubrey Burchell? About The Singer On ‘AGT’ Season 17 – Hollywood Life

Who Is Aubrey Burchell? About The Singer On ‘AGT’ Season 17 – Hollywood Life

Who Is Aubrey Burchell? About The Singer On ‘AGT’ Season 17 – Hollywood Life


Aubrey Burchell is back for the final qualifiers round before the America’s Got Talent season 17 finals get underway. She is one of the last 11 acts who will perform for a spot in the finals. Aubrey first made a splash on AGT with her amazing audition, which has over 3.4 million views on YouTube.

So, who is Aubrey Burchell? Her emotional audition was a definite standout of season 17. From her current job to her past with American Idol, here’s what you need to know.

Aubrey Burchell
Aubrey Burchell during her ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

1. Aubrey performed a Weeknd song for her AGT audition.

Aubrey performed a unique rendition of The Weeknd’s hit “Call Out My Name” during the August 2 episode. After she was done singing, Aubrey began to cry over the crowd’s incredible response. Heidi Klum raved over Aubrey’s “fantastic voice.” Simon Cowell called Aubrey a “genius” for making her own version of the song.

2. Aubrey works at Target right now.

Aubrey, who is from Pittsburgh, revealed to the judges that she currently works at Target. However, she has big dreams for her future in music. “I want to sell out arenas all around the world. I want Grammys,” she said.

3. Aubrey recently found out she is autistic.

Aubrey said on AGT that she was a “recently diagnosed Level 1 autistic.” She admitted that for a “very large portion” of her life she “struggled.” She wants to show other young autistics that “you can follow your passion and you can not fit in the box and do what you do and just eat at it.”

4. Aubrey previously auditioned for American Idol.

Aubrey tried out for American Idol season 16. While she didn’t make it that far along in the competition, she’s getting a second chance with America’s Got Talent.

Aubrey Burchell
Aubrey Burchell sings for the ‘AGT’ judges. (NBC)

5. Aubrey showcases her voice on TikTok.

Aubrey frequently performs covers on TikTok. She has over 44,000 followers, and her videos have nearly 830,000 likes. She also reposts her performances on Instagram.


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