Band & Comic Show Case

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Sherri Mullen


Paul Brown

Astronauts of Antiquity

Shauna Burns

Eyes of Noctum

Jason Ricci

Kitty Whip

The Insomniacs

Margo Reymundo

The Tamboureens

Gee Davey

Valerie Nicole

All Crazy


Tina Parol

7th Layer


Lilly Carrico

Deanna Pino

Twelve Twenty

Comic Book Heros



Reverse Orde


The Thing With 2 Heads

Jann Klose

Steve Brosky

White Witch

Amelia Band

Lea Marie

Nu World Disorder

Girls Girls Grils

Daphne Darling

Melinda Davis

Charlie Phillips

Cliff Morrison

Lehigh Valley Rocks


Mankind is Obsolete

Dirty Harry

Dana Fuchs

Red Elvises

Chasing the Dragon


The Sterling Hotel

Real Be Easys

Laura Cheadle


The Hixon

Freak Juice



Easy Mickey

The Diligents

Tombstone Brawlers

Mo Alexander

Sonya King

Janet Williams

Monte Allen

The Martini Bros

Lord Carrett

Molly Crabapple

Witches in Bikinis



Ivory Tower Project

Kris Shaw

Dan Wallace

The Luv Gods

Just June


Brian McKim & Traci Skene

Kerry White

Scott Oseychik

Hershey Magic

David Logan

Mista Moosaa

Jack Willhite

J Jay Boyd

Tracy Tedesco

Jerry M Torres

Marc Ryan & Collin Moulton



Larry Saklad

The Illuminati Band

Jason Robinson

Show'in Tell

Tony Boswell

Hot Wing Jones

Kelly Terranova

Maria Forgotten



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Kelly Halloran - Eye of the Storm (Official Video)


Interview with MARK TORGL of The Toxic Avenger Movie




This is the play I was in one night only 04/12/2014




 Interviews, & Videos from Millennium Music Conference 18


An Interview with


As seen and heard on the Howard Stern Show


An Interview with

Joe Nolan






On Demand Music Feed





Wrestling Mal Havok vs Violator 5-18-19



Classic Crazy John, Mal Havok, of 7th Layer








A Past

Cape May Singer Song Writer Conference





Take a hop over to Brittany Furlan's Youtube Page and check out her crazy stuff!!!




An Interview with

The Return






             Archived Interview Area










This is a great opportunity for a band to get exposure!

If you are an unsigned band and would like us to play your stuff, please send a media kit and/or CD

Crazy John Kerecz C/O

PO Box 436
Harrisburg, Pa 17108

Also please download and fill out this release form to send along.    

If you are a SIGNED artist, and would like to give back to the grassroots community, please contact us at
We would love to interview you to talk about your beginnings and the struggles you had.

We are a serious not for profit grassroots website that only plays music submitted by the artist, therefore with their approval.

 If there is any music that the artist no longer wants us to play please contact us at the above email address.



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                 "Can't Love Me" single by Alisa Boniello:


                 Interview with Avi Wisnia :


                 Interview with Loren Weisman :


                 Interview with Swiss Chris :


                 Interview with Jim Fetzer 2013:


                 Interview with Russ and Paul:


                 Interview with Mike Repel:


                 Interview with Robb Ortel:


                 Interview with Jism of Ism:


                 Interview with Sara Karloff:


                       Sampler of Cartoon Castle seen on


                 Interview with Cortland Hull:


                 Interview with Noel Ramos 2012:


                 Interview with Bernard Baur:


                 Studio 54 - One Night Only:


                 Oedipus-Gimme A Chance OFFICIAL Video:


                 Troy L. Moyer Jr. and Jerome Betz:          



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