Comforts begin 2023 with luscious chilled indie-pop single ‘The City’ | New Music

Comforts are a Brighton-based quarter who create fuzzy warm indie music that speaks straight to the soul. With success on BBC Radio 6 and Apple Music editorial support, the band are reminiscent of the likes of Sundara Karma with a dazzling brit-pop underbelly, and it’s highly invigorating to listen to.

Their new single ‘The City’ is exactly that, with cosy lyricism and melodies from Sam, as the band builds in anticipation in what is a groove-ladened introduction. The chorus is emotive and full of indie ambience, with the reverb-drenched guitars soaking up their unique dream-indie-pop atmosphere with such potency.

It’s indie-rock but in a soft and understated manner, and the brit-pop influences alongside the ‘sha-la-la’ backing vocals really add another dimension to Comforts now signature sound. Check it out now at Music Crowns.

The band say “The City is about falling in love with someone in a new city, where everything is different. Somehow, it’s about establishing a connection between those two things and the emotions brought from that. We’re based in Brighton but none of us grew up here, so I suppose a lot of the lyrics have been channelled through reflecting back to earlier years, moving from our homes and starting new. We’ve met some amazing people along the way and I think it’s a bit of a nod to all the people we have been lucky enough to meet so far.



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