Freddy Charles shares latest album featuring single ‘All The Will Is Gone’ | Featured

Freddy Charles is a musician and producer living in Los Angeles. Take a listen to ‘All The Will Is Gone’ off of Freddy’s latest album, ‘The Tower’ to get a feel for his majestic style and sound. The song has great production value, with several guitar layers blending in well with the simple drum pattern and a few bass notes. In particular, Freddy’s ability to play with restraint while still achieving an expressive, rich tone is shown in the rhythm guitar track. The singers express genuine emotion in their performances, and the lyrics depict the anguish of a protagonist whose life is unraveling, but ultimately offer a glimmer of hope.

The artist has been prolific, releasing 11 albums throughout his career; his most recent, ‘The Tower’, is the result of his pursuit of originality and willingness to test the boundaries of his chosen musical style. Genuine and committed to his craft, Freddy has amassed a devoted fan base and will undoubtedly continue to rise as a prominent musician.

The song builds until the vocals reach a soaring and dreamy finale, with the drums, keys, and guitar intricately arranged to create a rumbling soundscape. High-quality sound complements the song’s heartfelt lyrics, which capture universal emotions. This song, along with the rest of Freddy’s album ‘The Tower’, is a must-listen for fans

Freddy got his start in music as a drummer, giving him a strong rhythmic foundation to build on as he began studying guitar, songwriting, and production. His early records found a small devoted fanbase as he began cultivating his style and coming into his own as an artist. Eventually, he would find a national audience when several of his songs were picked by Sirius XM and broadcast across the country, as well as being featured in several independent films. As he continued to make increasingly adventurous records, he became an in demand session drummer and educator.



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