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Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner

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Holly Madison is opening up about what intercourse with late Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner was really like when she dated him in the early 2000s. “He wouldn’t move. He would be like a bump on the log in the middle of the bed,” the 42-year-old media personality said in the Aug. 23 episode of her and fellow former Playboy playmate Heather McDonald‘s brand new podcast, Girls Next Level, per Page Six.  She added that other former playmates did not enjoy sex with the millionaire and thought of it as a “chore” they wanted to be finished “as quickly as possible.”

Holly, who dated Hugh between 2001 and 2008, said her whole experience in the famous mansion was “traumatic”, and despite living with girls who felt the same way she did, they were often quite catty. “I can’t explain to you guys how embarrassing that whole routine was, especially as we got later down the road when there would be a lot of conflict with the other girls,” she recalled. “You’re literally sitting there naked having sex in front of a group of people who hate you and talk s–t about you while you’re having sex — and you can hear it. It was just like hell.”

Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner
Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner dated for seven years (Photo: Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Holly also recalled the first night she met Hugh. “I just remember drinking so many vodka cranberries all night, because I was so nervous,” she said, per Newsweek. “I had been downing drinks all night… I was super nervous, because I was like, ‘This is make or break.’ So I got really wasted, went upstairs, somebody ran a bath in his bathroom and everybody was supposed to get in the bath,” she continued. Shortly after the bath, which only two girls participated in because they wanted to get on with their night,  she had sex with Hugh for the first time.

“The recruiter says, ‘Daddy…’ — I’m gagging as I’m saying this, but everybody used to call him ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom, which is so gross. So she’d be like, ‘Daddy, do you wanna get the new girl?’” she explained. Hugh was “on top” of her moments after her body was offered to him.

The Down the Rabbit Hole author also remembered feeling like staying in the mansion was the “only option” for her going forward. She concluded, “I think that whole experience [of living in the mansion] was traumatic to me.”

Holly Madison has previously spoken out about the poor treatment she received in the Playboy mansion (Amy Sussman/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The raw dig into her past came right after she revealed a huge bombshell about her life with Hugh: They tried to have a child together through IVF. “I mean, obviously, looking back I’m so glad it didn’t work ’cause I went on to have the kids of my dreams,” Holly told Entertainment Tonight. Holly has a daughter, Rainbow, 9, and a son, Forest, 6, with her ex-husband, Pasquale Rotella. The couple were married between 2013 and 2018, and finalized their divorce in 2019.

Holly and Hugh attempted to bring life into the world as Holly appeared on the reality series Girls Next Door, which documented the lives of Hugh’s girlfriends. However, she purposely omitted that portion of her life from the show. “I didn’t really think about including it just because, even when I did go on to have kids, I’m always the one who doesn’t want to tell anyone I’m pregnant until after the three-month mark. I just want to be safe,” she said.

Hugh passed away in 2017 at the age of 91 years old. Hugh was married three times throughout his life and produced four children.

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