Hailing from the Bronx in NYC and as seen in CLASH & Wordplay Magazine, Young Jimmy is an alternative rock artist and “Hood Rocker”. Set to release a reinvisioned rendition of the 1991 grunge anthem ‘Come As You Are’, the Nirvana single was featured on the GRAMMY Award winning Album ‘Nevermind’ and reflects the essence of what Young Jimmy stands for.  Affirming Cobain’s storytelling and message to the masses, Nirvana producer Butch Vig told NPR: “I think that song is about acceptance, and about misfits […] ‘Come As You Are’ is an ode to accepting someone for who they are.” 

The ‘Come As You Are’ cover is out now, and executes the riff heavy rhythms Young Jimmy is best known for. Blending Cobain’s psychedelic influences with raw vocals by Young Jimmy, this authentic sound has carved its own space in popular music, and it is here to stay. With respect for Contemporary Artists like Rage Against The Machine, H09909, King Krule, and Yves Tumor, Young Jimmy strives to elevate his recording artist skill but excel his unique sound. 

Check out the full interview with Jimmy below:

Hey Young Jimmy, welcome to Music Crowns! How are you doing today? 

I’m just getting up, having my coffee on a cloudy NY morning it’s 11:12 am here.


Sum up your music in three words for us please! Good, Authentic, Rock.

Who are your main influences? Off the top I would say Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2Pac, Andre 3000, Mobb Deep, Eddie Hazel, Jimmy Page & Led Zepllin, Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, Nara Leao, John Coltrain, Prince (Purple Rain album), Slash, Chuck Berry and HENDRIX have influenced me the most as a recording artist & musician.


Tell us all about your new album ‘DELUXE’ dropping May 12! 

When I recorded my debut studio album Rockett 88 in 2020 I knew in the back of my mind I would release a deluxe album. There were new songs that didn’t make the album and new songs I didnt record until last year. Rockett 88 (Deluxe) will have 6 new tracks 20 tracks in total compared to 16 on the first album. I only have one feature on this album and the singer was a perfect match for this project, new cover art and all the songs consist of live instrumentation. I removed all the trap beats from 3 songs that had them (I personally think trap music died a long time ago). Its a modern rock album I recorded and performed all my songs on vocals and my electric guitar with session musicians. 

HOOD ROCK is a phrase, label and sub-genre I dubbed to describe myself as a contemporary recording artist. My perspective in Rock music and culture, just like suburban rock is to Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and The Used or country rock is to Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater. It’s your environment + Rock + your race which creates your perspective and content in your music. Some of my songs address the topic of race and racism. Which is the general theme of the album (not every song is about race), that’s why I made everything black & white on the cover art ( checkerboard, black man, white woman) . I see it’s rarely explored in rock culture and music because of appropriation and a lack of representation from the progenitors. But if you know the history of rock n roll it’s very much so black & white. I’m a Hood Rocker not a Suburban Rocker. I have a totally different perspective. I make rock music from the HOOD with my electric guitar. That’s my reality as well as being a Black Man in America.


Highlights from making the album? 

I would say working with Kendra Foster was a big highlight aside from recording with some spectacular session musicians and recording at the legendary Quad Studios in the middle of times square. Kendra sang her ass off on my song “No Racist” she was a perfect addition to the project aesthetic, we created a great modern Rock song together in my opinion. I wrote the song right after George Floyd’s  murder which landed on my birthday. The song addresses racism and injustice here in America. Kendra is my modern day Merry Clayton. I felt like Mick Jagger singing next to her. She blew me out of the water lol. My guitar solo kept up though. There’s also an unreleased track that samples The Beatles that’s cherry on top (sample cleared) the entire album was mastered by 17x Grammy nominated mastering engineer Chris Gehringer. I feel blessed working with all these talented people and I’m proud of what I have produced and excited to share it with the world.


How did you first discover an interest in music? 

I think it was in church, my cousin saw me singing “I got the blues” mimicking playing the guitar on my stoop and decided to get me my first guitar at age 6.


How did that interest become a passion and eventually a career path? 

It just stuck with me through out the years. The passion I have for it is intense, I see myself creating it until death. 


Tell us about how you were inspired to cover ‘Come As You Are’ – we love your take on it! 

Thank you… in 2019 I was just inspired to write a lot of new songs (right before the pandemic). Then I had an idea to do only one cover song, i’m very particular about what songs I cover, I try to stay away from cover songs for the most part. Come as You Are instantly came to mind I have some history with that song. It was the first song I learn on guitar and the first song I ever performed in front of an auditorium full of people when I was 13. Its also the first cover song I released. 

The song represents a lot for me honestly, it’s nostalgic asf to my childhood in the south bronx, it feels full circle for me to cover it as an adult. The meaning behind the song is about misfits and outcasts presenting themselves just as they are and being accepted hit a note with me personally. Where I’m from and where I grew up there were very few people listening to Rock music. I was literally an outcast growing up in the south and north Bronx. I did have a few friends who were into rock music and skateboarding etc but the vast majority weren’t. I never got bullied because I would have to fight the person and prove I wasn’t a pussy (people talked a lot of shit). I was called white boy and oreo yet all the girls liked me despite all that. I of course gave “Come as You Are” my own spin and sang a new line repeatedly “Yes I do have a gun” instead of “No I don’t have a gun” and adding a gun sound effect. I personally thought that it was clever, lit and entertaining. It’s a HOOD ROCK interpretation of a 90’s classic, I think people will appreciate it.


Stream ‘Come As You Are’ here:


Why do you make music?

Pure passion and love for it.


And lastly, please tell our readers where we can follow you and your journey!

You can follow my journey with my band and record label on social media @youngjimster @hoodrockrecords and all other updates on YOUNGJIMMY.COM Rockett 88 (Deluxe) dropping May 12th 2023.

Thanks for the love Music Crowns and FYI I got mad love for London and the woman out there, Ive been there twice see yall soon! (Throw your Ys Up!)


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