Jonathan Roy does it again with empowering anthem ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ | New Music

Jonathan Roy has explicitly made his name from purely his voice and raw emotion alone, and that’s how it should be. Battling through his unique and multi-dimensional journey, Roy depicts this into a potent, spiritual and powerful songwriting that has literally saved peoples lives with the strength of his sound. Always looking for songs to inspire and influence, Jonathan has just released is fourth album ‘Life Distortions’, with the every captivating lead single ‘I Wanna Feel Love’.

It’s joyous, spirited and all encompassing once again from Roy, who truly explodes and give his all in this one. A deeply resonating factor of his is the unique and seamless ability to draw you in from that first second, and ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ does exactly that, in spades. It’s wonderful and modernised, but also has a timeless quality about it too, and that’s thanks to the undeniable vocal presence of Jonathan Roy. Get obsessed like we are and check it out now.

“I think people will connect with what’s real. People have bullshit detectors. I’m playing what I like in the songs. I’m trying to grab all the things I like from bands and people that I admire and I’m trying to put it in my soup, in my writing and melodies. I feel like I’m an old-school cat creating this weird pop alternative music and I love it.”

Stream ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ here:


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