Mother Of Fivio Foreign’s Kids Says He Faked Mellow Rackz Relationship

Fivio Foreign’s children’s mother Jasmine getting it all off her chest. Speaking for over 10 minutes, she revealed she went live because Fivio promised to give her money so she can be independent of him—but later changed his mind through text.

So, she says she’s exposing him by revealing that his relationship with Mellow Rackz was all promo for a track with #Mase. But, according to Jasmine, Fivio said Mellow didn’t know it was going to be a promo relationship. She said Fivio recently told her the song wasn’t coming out anymore so he was ending his thing with Mellow. Then, yesterday he came home and asked her to take a video with him—at the request of his label.

Jasmine is also accusing Fivio of ignoring his children, even while living at home with them. During the live, she accused him of going on tour for a month and leaving her, his kids, and his sister without any money. So, she sold his clothes while he was away. When he returned, Jasmine said he pulled a gun on her in front of their children and his sister.

She also made additional allegations regarding his sexuality–accusing the rapper of having sexual relations with people of the same sex.

He responded to her live video with a post-and-delete tweet.

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