Phoebe Hall releases alt-pop banger ‘Through the Phone’ | New Music

There’s been a surge of artists making bedroom-pop, so much so that it takes a lot to stand out. However, Phoebe Hall has grown and developed the bedroom-pop sound into something entirely unique.

Her latest release ‘Through the Phone’ showcases this in abundance. Minimal and infectious drums are the perfect foundations for heart-warming synths to be laid on top of. Synth melodies fluctuate between each other, creating a huge sound that reverberates warmth around the track. Her voice finds itself at the front – raw, emotional but silky smooth, creating a heavenly sound when paired up with the rest of the track.

Speaking further about the track she shares: “Through the Phone: This is about a first date I had with my girlfriend. I didn’t know her at all before the date and it was such a giddy and ridiculously good time. When I came into the studio to write it was about a week after this so I was all over the place emotionally, just obsessed with her and this date. It was such an organic and fun song to make, and we made it pretty much in a day and I think it really captures the excitement I was feeling. The message I suppose is about being so obsessed with someone and not being able to do anything but think about them and every single little thing you like about them. I like that we pushed this even further so that it crosses into the side of manic obsession, so we’ve got screaming vocals and shouts so it’s like that irrational obsessive thing that happens when you fall for someone so hard and so fast.”

Phoebe is quickly becoming a staple within the UK’s live circuit, having just recently supported Larkins on their 4k+ capacity UK tour. 2022 is set to be an exciting year, with the potential to expand her fanbase even more with a debut EP which is to be released later this year. Phoebe is the latest signing to UK independent label Fear Records, and has received support from the likes of BBC Introducing and was shortlisted for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Introducing competition. 

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