Rising British-Indian Singer Prianca RA Is Back With New Track ‘One Time In Lebanon’ | New Music

Her new song is inspired by movies Prianca has watched and books she has read about challenging patriarchy and traditions. In the song, Prianca created a world set in Lebanon where a girl named Habiba wants to break away from conventions and create her own path. Habiba has a queue of eligible bachelors wanting to marry her and promising her they will look after her.

However, as the free spirit she is Habiba doesn’t care that she will face judgment from society for not getting married and letting a man provide for her. Prianca RA wants to empower her listeners and show them it is possible to take a different route from the conventional one and the connotations of ‘happily ever after’, since the idea that having a husband to provide for oneself is outdated in today’s society.

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