Shakota releases groovy new single ‘TOO FAST’ | New Music

Shakota can’t be pinned into one corner of the music industry. His music is a melting pot of different genres, all of which merge together to create his signature sound. His music nods to Mac Miller, Bakar, Tyler the Creator and Steve Lacy, with inspirations from indie and alternative artists mixed in. His latest offering comes in the form of the infectious single ‘TOO FAST.’

‘TOO FAST’ is showcases his signature sound. The backbone is made up of a groovy drum beat that provides a great canvas for melodic guitars and synths that ebb and flow between each other. Vocals lie on top of the melodic foundations, they’re infectious and work hand in glove well penned lyrics. Speaking about the release he says: “ I wanted to experiment with two completely different sections, I think it creates a really interesting contrast.”

With his first release being in 2020, we feel the step up is clear. The young artist is clearly carving his own sound, his own identity and his own path in the music industry and it’s one to watch.

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