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The Horn return with lyrically important and powerful new offering ‘Power Show.’

Introducing the band, The Horn consists of Jonny Taylor (voice, guitar), Danny Monk (guitars, programming), Nick True (bass), Ed Cox (keyboards) and Alex Moorse (drums). Their music is a melting pot of lots of different influences, with the main ones including New Order, Talk Talk and the Lotus Eaters all executed in their music with their Horn goggles on.

Their latest single ‘Power Show’ is a timely and impactful single. Guitars soaked in overdrive provide the song’s backbone and, in conjunction with the drums and bass, create an irresistible groove that pierces through the mix. Guitar lead lines ebb and flow around each other creating a wall of noise that Johnny’s voice can sit on top of. His voice is surprisingly timid compared with the elements of the track, but the contrast works exceptionally well with it’s infectious melody. Lyrically the track discuses the bleak political landscape, calling out politician’s motives with the realisation that most are in it for power.

Commenting on what inspired this new track, bassist Nick True states: “So many cults around us, not just religious & political, scroll any social media or watch, listen or read any media in any country and so many people think their cult or their beliefs whatever they are, are more important or more real than someone else’s, they are not, just be nice that’s all you need, piss off, it’s exhausting!”

The track has energy in abundance so it’s no wonder why The Horn often use this track to open their live sets, it’s an empowering number that cuts against the grain. The aim with ‘Power Show’ is to perk up the audience’s ears with the foreshadowing lyrics, while also getting their feet moving and blood pumping with the invigorating sound. With an infamous live show and irresistible tunes, we can’t wait to see how far they can take this.

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