Keldamuzik completed music tour in Switzerland and made her debut on Hulu |

The female rapper and aspiring actress, Keldamuzik, recently completed her first tour in Switzerland, Europe where she performed for the Asian community during the well-known holiday, Diwali.

Keldamuzik also launched her name in the acting world, as she recently made her debut on Hulu, as part of the acting team for the First Date movie, launched a few years ago and recently streaming on the famous platform as well.

Keldamuzik is known for her ability to adapt and wear many hats in the entertainment industry, but her main love remains for music and performing. Recently, Diva opened up for Adrian Marcel, the famous American singer, songwriter and rapper with a glamorous show.

Over the years Keldamuzik performed on many stages and countries, with a total of over 30K fans all over the world and many hits on the radio and local charts, for each continent. Her latest single ‘Mind Sex’, is now streaming on BET jams, the American television network owned by Paramount Media Networks.

Keldamuzik remains a symbol of hustle culture and ambition, due to her many performances, individual businesses and passion to grow not only as an artist, but as a professional in the entertainment industry.

More about Keldamuzik:
Kelda Williams, known professionally as Keldamuzik aka Diva, is an American music artist, actress, TV host, and producer. Born in Bay Area California, she is known for her hit singles ‘Queen for a Night’ and ‘Thirsty’, both from her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010). After growing as a music artist, Keldamuzik expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music such as pop and dance to producing and hosting TV shows as well as producing films and pursuing an acting career.


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