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Making a name as an artist is difficult, to say the least. Everyone’s looking for something new, while still gravitating to things they find familiar. At the same time, there needs to be a personal touch to make things interesting. Thankfully, Natalie Shay understands this aspect of making music perfectly. It’s what makes her special in the music world, what truly sets her apart from the pack.

Her latest single, “The Edge,” is a fantastic highlight of her musical skill and perspective on songwriting. On the single, she addresses the deterioration of her friendship with someone she was close with, taking the listener through all the highs and painful low moments as things get progressively worse. These personal ideas are expressed perfectly, showing off her talent in storytelling.

Everything is given a raw edge, which we find makes for much more engaging listen. In the case of “The Edge,” plenty of nuance is given to the relationship involved, really digging into the heart of the problem. Natalie doesn’t mince words, remembering the good times with nostalgia and joy, but expressing her pained frustration at how it all ended.

On the other hand, the B-side to the single, “Everything’s Been Happening,” addresses how things get better, even when you’re at your lowest point. Together, the songs tell a story of growth, self respect, and having the strength to keep going in the face of adversity. Both songs send an excellent and thoughtful message, while still maintaining a fun and lively sound.

All of these strengths have lead to Natalie being warmly received by many big players within the music hemisphere. She’s gotten praise from publications like Billboard, Clash, NOTION, Wonderline Magazine and more, on top of scoring a spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in over 12 countries. For an emerging talent like Natalie, this is a huge deal, and she’s incredibly appreciative of the positive reception.

Natalie is an ardent voice for promoting good mental health, especially as she herself struggles with the topic. Plenty of her music, including “The Edge,” are part of her struggle to be better, for herself and the people around her. She recognizes that many young creatives go through these issues, especially with the self doubt that naturally comes with music as a career.

For those people, Natalie chooses to be strong and push forward as a beacon that it’s all possible. To become successful in anything, one needs to have the courage to keep pushing forward, and this especially applies to to artists. As for Natalie herself, she continues to keep it up, doing her best with tickets now available for her upcoming headline show at The Omaera in London on March 3rd.

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If you’re someone who doubts themselves sometimes and want something to empower yourself, listen to Natalie Shay. With her upbeat attitude, excellent music and desire to make things better for those around her, you owe it to yourself to check her work out. Who knows, you might just find a new artist to love.

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