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Tom Hannay hails from Bolton, and has a rather unusual success story. After dropping out of college he ended up working in an electrical store, dreaming of being a musician but not quite sure how to. He took a leap in 2020, and moved over to Iceland to start a production trio with musicians Janus Rasmussen (kiasmos) and Sakaris, which in turn helped him further his own solo music. 

Following on from the successful single “Fade Out”, Tom Hannay is back with a new infectious album entitled “Dog Days.” The album is sure to immerse the listener, and musically take them on a journey. Songs  “The Less I Know” and “Coming Up” perfectly showcase Tom Hannay’s infectious side. The tracks feature heartwarming synths, grooving bass lines and irresistible vocal lines. Whereas the likes of “Standing In The Rain” and “Dancing In The Spotlight” showcase Hannay’s emotive side, featuring divine vocal lines and heartfelt lyricism. 

Speaking about the album he says: “My second album ‘Dog Days’ is an almost complete rejection of the ideals which had inspired the first album.

Hubris and self-aggrandisement had soaked through to the core of ‘the fire waits’ and the main takeaway lesson I learned is that I had been a fool for taking so long and myself so seriously.

I wanted to have fun with my second album and write honestly, about my personal experiences.The album is much more of a collaboration than my previous work and started to form after I moved back to Iceland and started working with Janus Rasmussen and Sakaris Joensen. We would have weekly focus groups where we would each help the other with their goals. They helped me realise that I could write just as well quickly as I could slowly. So ‘Dog Days’ became a collection of experiences that happened over the five months I was writing the album.

They are simple songs about love, loss and things that were happening in the news at the time. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

With everything in the right place, we can’t wait to see where Tom Hannay takes this. He’s not one to miss for sure. 

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